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"Sales will bring you money, but brand will bring you legacy. If all you care about is the all mighty dollar, that is all you will ever have."

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Ruben Alvarez is the Founder of The Marketing Hunters, a company that specializes in Branding and Market Positioning. His experience in Manufacturing, B2B sales and indirect marketing for nearly a decade allows him to create dynamic and powerful brands for others. Ruben was born in California, but migrated to El Paso when he saw the potential to help the city grow into Texas' next big city. Through events like Thrive IN Your City, he has helped bring the business community together to collaborate on the growth that is to come in El Paso.

He is the Author of the International Book Brand Sharks: Unstoppable Strategies from Industry Leaders, a book endorsed by Tim Storey. In the book, he encourages new business owners and entrepreneurs to create unfair advantages for themselves. In becoming successful, it is critical to create in the mind of your potential client that you have something unique that cannot be found anywhere else, other than with you. Brand Sharks has been called The #1 Book For Young Entrepreneurs Looking to Grow their Brands.

Ruben's story has been featured in Markets Insider, NY Weekly, El Dario De Queretaro, and many other news outlets for his disruptive Branding methods. His main message is, "Sales will bring you money, but the brand will bring you legacy."


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